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The employee(s) of the Radiology department is/are, together with any external researchers, responsible at all times to safeguard the scientific (Good Clinical Practice) and legal guidelines.

What do I need to apply for a Data Request?

In case you are a researcher and you intend to apply for imaging data, obtained within the Radiology department of the Maastricht UMC+, you need to cover the conditions below first:

The proposal will then be reviewed by a (deputy) department head and submitted to the Management Team (MT) before written permission is granted. Moreover, it will be checked wheter the investigation does not overlap with any existing/ongoing projects. Written permission will be granted on the basis of the provided information and is only valid within the Maastricht UMC+ on the given period.

If the research proposal is amended at a later point in time, it needs to be reviewed again. This also applies to any possible follow-up studies.

Any investigation conducted outside of the Maastricht UMC+ and the UM (international studies, multicenter studies, etc.) needs to be brought to the attention of the department lead (i.e. (deputy) department head and/or MT).

How do I apply for a Data Request?

  1. If this is your first time, sign up for an account.

    1. It is advised that you sign up using your UM or MUMC+ email adress. This will enable you to log in using your institutional credentials.

    2. The link above should redirect you to the login page. Click ‘Sign up’ next to 'Need an account?' on the bottom of the card and follow the steps. You will receive a magic link in your mailbox.

  2. Start off by filling out the digital request form.

    1. Do you wish to save your proposal?
      Hit the ‘Send’ button at the bottom of the page.

    2. Do you still need to make adjustments?
      Click the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the following screen. You can always navigate to ‘Your requests’, click the plan you wish to adjust and then click ‘Edit’. Click ‘Save’ at the top of the screen once you’re done editing.

    3. Do you want to share your plan with collaborators?
      Click ‘Share’ and enter their email address on the right hand side of the following screen. You can always navigate to ‘Your requests’, click the plan you wish to share and then click ‘Share’ on the right side of the screen. The collaborator who is invited will receive an email with a sign-up link, followed by an email with a link to the proposal.

  3. Submit your proposal.

    1. Click the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the screen, then hit ‘Submit’. You can always navigate to ‘Your requests’, click the plan you wish to submit, click ‘Edit’ at the top of the page followed by ‘Submit’.

  4. Await approval.

    1. A data manager will automatically be notified via email. He or she will take the plan up to the MT, provide feedback or perhaps get in touch with you to follow-up.

  5. Receive your requested data.

    1. Has your proposal been approved?
      A data manager will contact you on how you wish to receive the imageing data. This can be either done digitally or via an encrypted harddrive.