General Data Protection Regulation

Each controller and, where applicable, the controller’s representative, shall maintain a record of processing activities under its responsibility.

GDPR in Scientific Research

Using personal data in medical research that is done in MUMC+ often is inevitable. That is why all these processing falls under the General Data Protection Regulation. It is even so that in most cases special categories of data is processed. Reason to be as compliant as possible.

Research Lifecycle; from idea towards publication

After the idea phase it is time to start all preparations. The researcher needs to prepare a large amount of data, documents and sheets that are need to obtain an approval from the Board of Directors, the METC or other stakeholders. It is also time to start the data management plan and think about processing of personal data. Be aware that processing is not allowed to start before the GDPR registration is done.







The GDPR registration process

The FHML GDPR team is responsible for filling the register of data processing activities. The information manager realizes that the administrative burden must be minimalized. That is why this online tool is designed. Please fill in all data and submit your inventory.