Maastricht Data Repository

Accessibility Maastricht Data Repository

Is it possible to access the Maastricht Data Repository from other countries outside the Netherlands?

It is possible to access DataHub’s Maastricht Data Repository from countries outside the Netherlands.

  • If you are a student or an employee Maastricht University, try connecting to the Maastricht University network via VPN, Athena Desktop or Student Anywhere and refresh the page.

  • If you are an external invited to collaborate, try connecting to the network of your institution. and refresh the page.

As a PhD Candidate from abroad, do I have to storage data at Maastricht University as well, and how can I do that?

  • The Maastricht University Code of Conduct stipulates that Research Data is the property of the university. Thus, the Code mandates researchers to store the data in an institutional facility.

  • Within Maastricht University multiple options are available. These options include:

    • Local network drives (p drives)

    • Cloud services (Surf-drive)

    • Local repositories (e.g. Maastricht Data Repository)

    • National repositories (e.g. DataverseNL)