User manual: Invite and signup flow SRAM

This manual describes the steps a user needs to go through when accepting an invite for a SRAM CO.

First time users need to execute all steps. Users that already have an SRAM can skip steps 5 - 7.

01 Receive invitation e-mail

As soon as a data steward invites you to become a member of a CO, you will receive the following e-mail. 

Click the "Join them now" button

02 Login to SRAM

You need to login to SRAM to accept the invitation

Click the "Please login to identify yourself" button

03 Choose identity provider

Use this screen to search for the identity provider of your home organisation.

In these screenshots, examples are shown to find "Maastricht University" or "Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht".

Click on your home organisation to go to the login page.

04 Login at your home organisation

Enter your username and password, click the "login" button and accept the exchange of information (click "Yes, proceed to SURF Research Access Management")

05 No SRAM user profile yet

If you already have an SRAM account you will not be shown this screen, but can immediately go to step 08 below.

A message appears that you don't have an SRAM profile yet.

Click "Proceed to register" to create an SRAM user profile.

06 Create SRAM user profile

On this screen you will sign up for SRAM.

The fields Given name, Surname and E-mail are prefilled. You can review the information but normally there is no need to change these values.

Tick the Confirm box.

Click the "Submit" button. 

07 SRAM registration successful

Click "Continue" to proceed to the next step.

08 Accept the invitation

After registration and/or logging in you can now accept the invitation for the CO-membership.

Click "Yes, I accept the invitation"

09 Welcome message

A screen appears that welcomes you to the CO.

Click "All good, show me the collaboration"

10 View the CO homepage and visit the service provider application

On the CO homepage you can see its members and the services that this CO is authorized for ("Where we collaborate"). 

You are now able to use these attached services. To do so, click the cloud-icon right of the service name.