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Sign in

Point your browser to 

Use the menu on the right side to login. You can login with your institutional profile. In case you are not employed at Maastricht University or the Maastricht University Medical Centre, enter your email address and password for using DMPMaastricht.

Open DMPMaastricht  

Link your DMPMaastricht account to your institutional profile

If you have used DMPMaastricht before, please fill in your DMPMaastricht account details. This will link your existing account to your institutional credentials. This is only a one time action. When your account is linked to your institutional credentials, you can use the "Institutional Login" button.

Register for DMPMaastricht

If it's the first time you are using DMPMaastricht, use the menu on the right side to create an account first.

After signing in, you should be able to see  My Dashboard
My Dashboard will list an overview of the projects that you have been authorized for.

The column Role will show your authorization for all the listed Data Management Plans. In case a Data Management Plan (DMP) is shared with you by the owner of this DMP, it is possible that you only have "read only" access.

Create a new plan

Step 1 - Fill out basic information

Click on Create plans. 

Fill in the name of your research project.

Step 2 - Select research organisation

Select the primary research organisation for the research project you are planning.

Default Maastricht University and/or Maastricht UMC+ is selected.


Start typing to see a filtered list.

If your research organisation is not on the list or no research organisation is associated with your data management plan, tick the box.

Step 3 - Select funding organisation

Select the primary funding organisation with respect to the research project you are planning.


ZonMw and NWO

For setting up a DMP for either ZonMw or NWO, you can use the UM/MUMC+ template. This template is approved by both funders.

By selecting the primary funding organisation, please select "No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed" and select "Create plan". The UM/MUMC+ template, that has been approved by NWO and ZonMw, will open automatically.  

If you are supported by a funder that has not (yet) approved the UM/MUMC+ template, then you select the proper funding organisation by typing its name.

Start typing to see a filtered list

If no funding organisation is associated with your date management plan, tick the box
"No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed".

Step 4 - Create plan

Click on "Create plan". 

Set up a data management plan

Step 1 - Fill out the project details

Select "Project Details". 

To help you write your plan, DMPMaastricht shows you guidance.

Step 2 - Set up data management plan

Select applicable phase of your project.

Step 3 - Start filling your data management plan

Share your data management plan with e.g. collaborators

Invite specific people to read, edit, or administer your plan. 
Invitees will receive an email notification that they have access to this plan.

You can discuss your DMP with a colleague by using "comments".

Make sure to save every answer and comments for your collaborators one by one.

Download and/or export your data management plan

After completing your DMP you can download/export your plan to, for example, a PDF file. Keep the file for your administration, and send a copy to your funding organisations according to their instructions.

Step 1 - Select download settings

Select applicable phase to download.

Step 2 - Select optional plan components

Step 3 - Select file fomat

Select the file format for your download/export.

You can select the following file formats: csv, html, pdf, text, docx

Step 4 - Select other settings, like font, size and margins

Step 5 - Download your plan