How to use our data catalogue

 DataHub metadata catalogue provides insights in collected MUMC+ research data 

Using DISQOVER as your starting point, you can search for your favorite gene, protein etc. and look for linked datasets that has been collected by your MUMC+ colleagues. The increase of the amount of data can help you to get novel scientific insights. Due to the fact that all datasets are accompanied by contact information, the catalogue will also allow you to contact the creators of the data to set up new and extend existing collaborations. 

Search across linked COVID-19 data
You can also find COVID-19 related data in our DataHub DISQOVER. ONTOFORCE, the provider of DISQOVER, has launched a beta release of DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition, a coronavirus-specific edition that aims to improve the organisation, integration and accessibility of rapidly evolving information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. DataHub worked hard, together with ONTOFORCE, to integrate the COVID-19 data into our local DISQOVER instance, so you can now search across linked COVID-19 data yourself.

ou can start your search by simply entering free-text keywords or choosing one of the displayed data categories. You will find the COVID-19 data in the COVID specific categories (COVID publications, COVID patents and COVID clinical trials).

Start DISQOVER (VPN required outside of MUMC+)

More info

If you need more info you can open the user manual for DISQOVER or contact us for help.

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