What does NWO require from Veni/Vidi candidates?

/wiki/spaces/IN/pages/15303064 To provide a paragraph on data management

This so-called data management section should at least address four questions, provided by NWO.

Create a Data Management Section for NWO
Your proposal: data management

In your Veni/Vidi proposal, you are asked to write a data management section on data management (question 2e). This section should at least address the following questions, provided by NWO:
  1. Will data be collected or generated that are suitable for reuse?
    Yes: Then answer questions 2 to 4.
    No: Then explain why the research will not result in reusable data or in data that cannot be stored or data that for other reasons are not relevant for reuse.
  2. Where will the data be stored during the research?
  3. After the project has been completed, how will the data be stored for the long-term and made available for the use by third parties? To whom will the data be accessible?
  4. Which facilities (ICT, (secure) archive, refrigerators or legal expertise) do you expect will be needed for the storage of data during the research and after the research? Are these available?*

*ICT facilities for data storage are considered to be resources such as data storage capacity, bandwidth for data transport and calculating power for data processing.

How to create a Data Management Section