How to store, archive, retrieve and share data without worries

 Different storage options

The foundation of research data management is storage of data. Storage needs to be safe, easy to access and easy to share. To achieve this, we use a mix of network storage solutions from different providers. But you don’t have to worry about physical storage location, backup and replication. We’ve got you covered. You can upload your research data to our system and access it anywhere.

Simple storage

Part of retrieving data is the use of meta-data. This is data about your data that is necessary for you and other researchers to find your data. This allows you to find your data even if you worked on it several years ago and allows you to share data with other researchers. This is part of any good research practice. And the meta data allows our systems to combine data across multiple domains, allowing researchers to make new discoveries. This all makes your research data FAIR.

Smart storage

The smart storage service uses a mix of network based storage solutions from different providers (eg. MIT, ICTS, SURFsara). Users do not have to worry about physical storage location, backup and replication. We provide user friendly ways of annotating research data with metadata. Adding metadata to the smart storage service has several benefits:

  • Save time; It will be easier for you to retrieve your research data, even if you worked on it several years ago.
  • Increased visibility and impact; Sharing your data with colleagues or externals will be easier.
  • Good Research Practice; Scientific integrity and confidentiality of your research will be ensured
  • Linked Data; Since DataHub enriches metadata with information from ontology systems, the metadata become interoperable and both human- and machine-readable.
  • Interoperability; Combining (aggregating) results across data sources or research domains becomes possible
  • Reproducibility; Your (meta)data becomes compliant with the FAIR data principles.

For more information about using the storage facilities, visit this how to: 

 How to use the storage facilities