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Self-service FAIR data station

DataHub is a self-service FAIR data station for responsible research data management. At DataHub, we provide data management services for studies in Maastricht UMC+ and Maastricht University. Our role is that of a data broker who enables the reuse of data by researchers in the university, the hospital and beyond. DataHub aims to ease the burden on the researcher with regards to all aspects of data management and secure data storage, in order to save you time for doing where your heart lies: conducting research. 

DataHub facts

  • Databroker for FHML and MUMC+
  • Close collaboration with other (support) departments
  • Research data stored in the Maastricht Data Repository
  • Offering support for 200+ research projects
  • Serving a research community of approximately 360 users
  • Managing 290+ TB of data
  • Serving 900+ users in DMPMaastricht
  • Hosting the data cataloque DISQOVER  

Development DataHub system (click to enlarge)

Linking community and technology

Knowledge exchange and engagement are very important for being innovative and flexible for our research community. Our multidisciplinary team consists of our basic DataHub staff as well as colleagues from other departments who work at DataHub on a regular basis. This close collaboration is embodied in the DataHub community. In our community we highly value teamwork and openness. 

Get involved

Various stakeholders meet and can challenge each other in the area of FAIR data. The combined expertise in the triangle of research, clinic and support enables the "hands-on" development of a sustainable generic but modular extendable research data management infrastructure. To facilitate knowledge exchange between the various stakeholders and collaborative product development, DataHub is actively hosting an online collaboration environment (Confluence), aiming at knowledge transfer.

Become part of our community

  • Use our collaboration facilities for knowledge exchange.
  • Work onsite with our multi-disciplinary team on your specific use case.
  • Get a seat at the table: join discussions on development roadmaps, architectural decisions, standards and more.
  • Have your say: vote on new features and organisational priorities.
  • Access, maintain and extend the DataHub document management system.
  • Make use of the collaborative editing environment on our Confluence / JIRA system.

Join us for the next DataHub sprint review

The purpose of a sprint review is to have a conversation with our stakeholders about how to improve our products. A sprint review takes place at the end of a sprint and is designed to gather actionable feedback on what the DataHub team has completed. During a sprint review we will put you in the driver's seat concerning (changes to) the products we have made. By collaborating and getting your direct feedback we are able to create more value for you and your colleagues. Your input will be highly appreciated. For more information about the current sprint goal and application for a sprint review, please visit the events section on the RDM portal.

More information

If you need more information you can contact us for help.

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The FAIR principles explained

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